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Pixel That!

Who I am

My sweet wife Valerie and I have passed the 5 year mark and are quickly approaching 10 years of marriage! Say what?! Time flies!!

Some of my favorite things to do are travel, learn about new traditions, experience new cultures, and ESPECIALLY finding fantastic FOOD!

I am a connoisseur of the best places to find nachos in Southern California and beyond.

Valerie and I adopted our dog from a shelter, and named her Ella. We then discovered she is 100% deaf. But we love her anyway.

SO, why am I a photographer?

I enjoy telling stories, but that's only part of it...
The story I'm telling is YOUR story. You made a decision to have me capture it. I NEVER take that for granted. EVERY wedding I shoot is the most important shoot of my life.

What really gets me going?
I want to capture your day so you remember how awesome it was, how gorgeous the dressed up people looked, how drunk uncle Marvin was..... It's all part of your story! BUT, you'll be seeing things through my eyes, through my lens.

I am a painter of light. I am an artist.

I can't wait to show you YOUR story!